Ward Week Day Three: Favourite Fight

-“You’re saying touching the staff unlocked certain memories”

-“My worst memory. The first time I felt hate. And it won’t go away. I don’t trust myself.”

Bucky Barnes + outfits 

Sergeant Barnes… the procedure has already started.


sorry I’m not sorry [x]

About the whole 'winter soldier is a villain' thing- it seems to me like people should classify him as him as an antivillain- that is, someone whose actions are antagonistic towards the heroes, but they subvert the normal villain role in some way. In this case, he was brainwashed and forced into actions that would otherwise be villainous.


i disagree with you. i look at the whole picture. the winter soldier is actually bucky, cocky, intelligent kid from brooklyn with amazingly good heart who protected his best friend from the cruel world. he did become the winter soldier, an assassin, but he had no control over his actions, he had no memories, he was like a machine alexander used whenever he saw a threat he couldn’t handle. that’s what winter soldier is. just a broken shell of a great man. but that machine had a mission - to kill captain america. anti-villain is someone who had murderous actions but you can relate to his tragic story. but true anti-villain would kill steve and later mourn and we could relate to that in some insane way. james buchanan barnes, aka the menacing winter soldier, could have killed steve when he was climbing that tower, but he chose to only wound him. he’s struggling. he probably doesn’t even remember he met him before, but he sees that captain is an honorable man. he keeps punching him until he hears “‘til the end of the line”. steve triggered his memory. there we see james barnes again, now scared, broken, terrified human being. but he is still that machine with a mission. he had a choice. he chose to save him. the winter soldier did something that no anti-villain would do. he protected his mission.

bucky barnes will never be anything but anti hero.


Hey, do you guys ever think about how Steve would’ve had to tell the other Howling Commandos about how Bucky fell off of the train?  About how he probably couldn’t even really get the words out because if he said it then it was true?  About how he probably just fell to his knees in the snow and couldn’t remember how to talk while the others stood around him, knowing exactly what must have happened?